How much could mere minutes of down time cost your business?

Maintenance costs aside, think about the opportunity costs in lost productivity. Now imagine a downtime lasting 10 hours. Would your business operations be jeopardy because of data no being accessible? In the US alone, it has been reported that 43% of businesses never reopen after a major disaster, and only about 7% survive for another 5 years.

While external forces our out of our hands – natural, human or technical; we can control the impact they have on companies. No business is impervious to such disasters. Businesses are now better protecting their data against failures today with contingency plans, such as DBVisit
Standby databases, because of our excessive dependencies on machines.

Time or data loss has large costs in terms of financial costs and lost opportunities. Loosing important data to disasters not only affects the security and bottom line of your business, it also endangers its existence completely.

So a question to think about is: how prepared is your business to face these unforeseen possibilities? Do you have the assurance that no matter what happens; your business’ information will be protected and will continue to operate smoothly without stalling even for a second?

Your company’s success, bottom line, and growth depend on how prepared and secure your systems and processes are at all times. With Pebble IT’s database services such as Standby databases, you will be ready for any disaster that may occur.

This post possible thanks to DBVisit support.