How important is Disaster Recovery to your business?

Disaster recovery is vitally important to your business. Without it, your business could lose important information as a result of a major outage.

Are you prepared for a data loss disaster?

43% of business never reopen after suffering a major data loss disaster
29% of those businesses close after 2 years
93% of businesses that incur significant data loss are out of business within 5 years

These statistics should be taken very seriously. Some of these statistics could have been prevented if they had the Dbvisit support of a standby database or other database services offered by Pebble IT.

For many businesses, their database is the lifeblood of the business. Without it, there is no business. However, in most instances, businesses are NOT sufficiently prepared for unforeseen emergencies such as hardware failures, power outages, network issues, bomb threats, fires, earthquakes, disgruntled employees and floods.

Having a data recovery strategy ready to implement is critical for any business whether you are in Manufacturing, Health care, Governmental, IT, or Financial.

Making sure you have a disaster recovery strategy in place is absolutely imperative. Having a dedicated Oracle disaster recovery solution for your Oracle databases is crucial for the future of your business.

Let Pebble IT take care of your DBVisit support and database service needs.

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