Our service provides actionable security intelligence to the organisation and enables directed action and investment in securing their systems. Our qualified security consultants understand the technology that runs your business and are specialists in vulnerability discovery and exploit development, allowing us to determine exactly what tests and attacks could and should be protected against.

Vulnerability Assessment
Pebble IT’s tailored approach to Vulnerability Assessment enables us to scan your systems to meet site requirements. Our procedures will:

  • Accurately understand your real risk exposure
  • Prioritise vulnerabilities quickly and accurately
  • Report on the vulnerabilities that have been revealed
  • Provide detailed remediation steps to protect the systems
  • Australian Regulated Institutions compliance testing

Penetration Testing
SecureASSESS penetration tests highlight which of your systems are effective in stopping hackers and which are not, and provides detailed remediation advice on how to correct or mitigate the issues. This information is critical for PCI Compliance, periodic security testing, change management and pre-purchase due diligence. Using sophisticated tools and extensive security experience, our consultants utilise brute force credential smart exploitation, password enumeration and Web application security as part of their testing. A penetration test mimics the actions of an actual attacker, exploiting possible weaknesses in your network security, without the usual dangers. Reporting is provided at two levels:

  • The Executive Overview summarises and articulates technical vulnerabilities in terms of business risk and priority
  • The Technical Report provides an analysis of vulnerabilities with detailed remediation steps listed to secure your systems

Database Vulnerability and Exploitation Testing
Pebble IT can help customers ensure that their Oracle and SQL database systems are not vulnerable to intrusion by hackers. Utilising a mix of commercial and open source tools our consultants will run automated and hand scripted Vulnerability Assessments and Meterpreter Exploits against systems to discover the existing exposure. SecureASSESS Database Vulnerability and Intrusion Testing services include:

  • Vulnerability Assessment Scanning
  • Database Exploitation testing to discover weaknesses
  • Employing SQL scripts to test against common problems and weak DB policies
  • Executive overview reporting on business risk to the organisation
  • Detailed remediation steps to secure the database and underlying infrastructure
  • Implementing remediation steps and hardening the systems