If you have had experience with Oracle’s Linux RAC cluster, the easiest way to explain the Oracle Database Appliance is to think of it as a two node Oracle Linux RAC cluster with shared storage and networking all wrapped up in the same box.  As of April 2012, ODA’s current software stack included Oracle Linux 5.8 (with the UEK kernel), Oracle Grid Infrastructure, and Oracle Database  Oracle Database Appliance allows the user to run Oracle RAC databases, Oracle Single Instance databases, and/or Oracle RAC One (active-passive) databases.


Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) is a redundant database system with zero downtime.  Oracle has designed ODA with the ability to prevent single point of failures, so that even if a component fails the system remains operational, achieving continuous availability.  Additionally, ODA is built with user friendliness in mind as it is simple to deploy as well as operate and maintain.  To this end, Oracle Database Appliance arrives pre-built, pre-configured, pre-tested, pre-validated, and pre-tuned.  Once the appliance unit arrives, the user or ODA installer simply installs the appliance into a computer rack – or it can even operate when placed on a table or in a storage cabinet.  Next, the Database Appliance must be plugged into power and connected to the network before turning it on.  Once the ODA has booted up, configuration information (system names, database names, database size, etc.) is input, and then, a single command “oakcli deploy” is issued from the Linux system prompt to complete ODA deployment.  This command initiates the entire setup process – configuring the OS, installing Oracle software, creating the initial database, setting up a cloud file system volume (optional), and configuring Oracle Auto Service Request – while providing progress feedback on the screen.


Oracle’s simplified setup process means that the multiple weeks’ worth of effort that was previously required to configure an HA database is no longer necessary!  For that matter, actual deployment of an Oracle Database Appliance now takes under an hour.  Moreover, by the end of that hour, the user has a fully-functional cluster as well as a fully-usable database immediately available for use.


From a Nucleus study, it was found that customers typically complete their deployments the same day that they take the unit out of the box.  Further, this ease of automated installation results in fewer chances of configuration errors – virtually eliminating the prior risks and uncertainties involved in setting up HA systems.  This added functionality means that customers can purchase an Oracle Database Appliance with the confidence associated with receiving a fully-functional, highly-available database system the day it arrives!


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