The Oracle Database Appliance, or ODA, is the database solution for small to medium sized businesses.  This is an all in one database system from the creators of the world’s most used database, Oracle Database.  The ODA is an easy to use, simple to manage, complete database.  It is a server, storage, software and network, which is cost effective, designed to save time and boost productivity.  On top of it all, it has to capability to grow as the business grows.


The ODA is for all practical purposes, a plug-in-perform database.  Everything about it is set up with Oracle before it arrives.  It is capable of handling specialized and off the rack data warehousing and Online Transaction Processing, or OLTP, applications.  Think about the errors and issues, which can arise when a small business needs a database, but does not have a qualified person on staff, to do so. Imagine a small business having a person with the proper skills to design an in house database.  Imagine this database taking almost no time to construct or maintain.  Imagine almost no down time involved when upgrades are needed due to an expanding business.  This is what the Oracle Database Appliance brings to the table.


The ODA has 2 Linux servers, which each have two 8 core Xeon processors, 256 GB of memory, and  10-GbE networking connectivity.  There is one storage shelf and the servers are interconnected for high performance storage and cluster communication.  The Oracle Database Appliance has 18 TB of double or triple mirrored storage.  This means either 9 TB or 6 TB of accessible data storage.  The ODA also has 200 GB disks for an increase in performance.  There is an option to expand the storage shelf within the appliance and also a way to increase storage outside of it, online.  Part of Oracle support comes in the form of an Appliance Manager software.  It keeps the ODA running within the top Oracle specifications and removes the complication from the distribution of database applications.  It keeps track of the database operations and makes adjustments accordingly.


If the rare need for a chat with an Oracle support representative crops up, the Appliance Manager compiles all pertinent log files and environmental data into one file, for ease of issue examination.  There is even an Auto Service Request feature.  This speeds up the Oracle support process by automatically filing issues as they arise.  The Oracle Database Appliance essentially bypasses the need for Oracle installers with its almost plug-in-perform setup.  As the business grows, there is the option of increasing the software capabilities without having to upgrade the hardware.  This is another way that Oracle installers are not as much of a factor, with the ODA system.


Oracle data warehouse, OLTP and custom applications are all easily handled and affordable, thanks to the Oracle Database Appliance.  It cuts down on the labor costs involved with running a database, while helping a small business develop into a larger business.  It can handle the business growth all the way into the mid sized range, all with an easy to manage database system.  The ODA is Oracle’s database solution for small to medium sized businesses.