While high-availability and high-performance database servers typically are costly and time-consuming to configure, install, and maintain, Oracle’s Database Appliance (ODA) is the opposite as it reduces both cost and complexity to provide high-performance computing that is reliable.  In a recent Nucleus study related to ODA consumer experience of early adopters, it was determined that a significant cost reduction and faster time to value could be achieved while reducing database complexity and increasing business flexibility.


When accessing initial and ongoing benefits, Nucleus found that Oracle’s Engineered Systems methodology allowed less complex access to processing and analytical power at a much lower initial cost than with traditionally database.  This reduced startup cost makes ODA much more attractive to growing businesses.  Further, as Oracle Database Appliance comes pre-built and preconfigured, companies without large IT departments can deploy new databases quickly with one-click full stack patching of firmware, operating system, and database software.  Thus, they do not need to spend the overhead normally required to architect, deploy, monitor, support, and troubleshoot high-availability database systems.  On average, Nucleus found that the early adopters involved in the study typically were able to avoid 30% to 40% of hardware expense by deploying Oracle Database Appliance instead of a comparable platform.  Some companies implementing ODA saved as much as 80%!  Further, Nucleus established that many ODA customers could speed-up deployment and implementation of software initiatives through utilizing Oracle Database Appliance for scoping hardware footprint requirements, forecasting and negotiating the purchase of components, configuration of the purchased components, installing device drivers, and implementing the database.  Oracle Database Appliance takes the guesswork out of database decision making.  Lastly the greater flexibility of Oracle Database Appliance was a huge selling point in the Nucleus study – especially with rapidly growing businesses that had previously felt the pain resulting from outgrowing their software platforms and the associated disruption.  With ODA, the database appliance scales with company growth providing a seamless transition.


IT decision makers responsible for selecting software solutions for their company are continuously challenged to adapt to ever-changing business requirements while controlling capital expenditures.  With Oracle Database Appliance, these decision makers can achieve these goals through the implementation of a non-complex, powerful computing platform.  Moreover, ODA includes the ability to pay as the company scales up rather than requiring a large up-front capital investment that could later be rendered obsolete by a rapidly growing company.  For data-intensive, small organizations whose growth was tied to their ability to process and analyze data, Oracle’s Database Appliance provides the platform necessary to cost-effectively invest in a high-performance system that will help promote as well as support rapid future growth with limited to no business disruption.


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