The Oracle Database Appliance was created with small to medium businesses in mind.  Now, a small business can grow with the help of the world’s most used database, at a price point suitable for a smaller business venture.


This all in one database system, will have a small business growing rapidly with the power of Oracle.  Not only that, this Oracle Database Appliance, or ODA, has its own room to grow, in order to handle the database needs once the business reaches the mid-size level.  Costs are reduced and productivity is increased with this out of the box, database solution from Oracle.  Maintenance, support and application tasks are all made less complicated thanks to this clever small business, database system.  The ODA is indeed a server, software, networking and storage center, all in one appliance.  It is a completely integrated system which will provide database services for custom and off the rack applications, such as OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) and data warehousing.


Having a sole vendor for database application distribution, support and maintenance, has not necessarily been native for small businesses.  Thanks to Oracle ODA support and ODA installers, small to medium sized businesses can be prevented from using over 2000 hours of labor, over a three year period.  That means, those human hours can be directed to business growth in other areas, while the Oracle Database Appliance handles the database aspect.  When a business needs to make an upgrade to the database, the pay as needed set up enables rapid expansion from 2 processor cores up to 32 processor cores.  There is not the same amount of time or money, which is often spent making the necessary database upgrades with the ODA.  Business can keep on flowing at the speed of Oracle.


When it comes to its uses for a medium sized business, The Oracle Database Appliance can be used to gather together Online Transaction Processing and data warehousing,up to 18 terabytes.  This type of consolidation can also be used for businesses, which have various departments.  Many businesses have been sending in reviews of their experiences with the ODA.  Businesses have posted of storage needs being fulfilled and simplification of data hubs, along with a reduction in costs.  If that is not the Oracle ODA performing as advertised, what is?  Oracle data warehouse applications are now at least 2 times faster thanks to the power in this self-contained, expandable database solution.


Small and mid-sized businesses are now able to have up to 4 times the amount of storage space, courtesy of the ODA.  A small business no longer has to remain small and behind the technological 8 ball.  It can have a cost effective, high-availability database specifically geared toward small to medium sized business needs.  There is no reason to pay more or put more time into maintaining the database of a small business.  The Oracle Database Appliance is now available as a tool, which all aimed at helping small business grow, by being able to run smoothly in the area of IT.  A trusted name in large business database solutions has now come through for small businesses.

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