Oracle has long offered Oracle Exadata to meet large business needs, and now has introduced a new exciting solution, Oracle Database Appliance, for providing that same high-availability, service, and reliability to smaller players at an appealing price point.  With Oracle’s distinctive plug and play setup, Database Appliance can be operational same day out of the box.  To highlight how Oracle Database Appliance can take an organization to the next level, we will examine the cost savings and better overall use of IT manpower benefits that ODA was shown to produce in an early adopter (interviewed by ESG) that recently migrated to the database packaging route.  This company found that not only did ODA provide these benefits, but it also provided tools and features that exceeded its expectations.


Let’s look at a real world example of ODA in action.


A call center was running two Oracle databases:  (1) processing 700,000+ transactions a day and (2) reporting via a data warehouse.  Its servers were three years old and ready for replacement, giving the company three options: upgrade its current servers with the same architecture, upgrade to Oracle Exadata, or implement the new Oracle Database Appliance for mid-sized businesses.


The solution for their needs?  The recently announced Oracle Database Appliance met the company’s needs in packaging, performance, price, and scalability.


They found that ODA was easy to deploy with a wizard-based interface for installation with hardware conveniently prepackaged.  The Database Appliance was also easy to manage and they were able to outsource ODA support.  Database configuration options come in template form allowing for the optimization of performance based on best practices for each type of workload.  This in turn required very few changes after initial setup.  Further, ODA is also easy to diagnose and support with failsafe technology automatically identifying problems, suggesting fixes, and collecting diagnostics for easy support.  ODA is also easy to scale along with the company.  An organization can setup with as few as two processor core licenses and grow to 24 without even needing to upgrade hardware.  Moreover, ODA offers affordable improvements in performance.  The company was able to import its terabyte-sized dataset into the ODA using Oracle Data Pump, speeding up data processes so that custom reports previously required to be run during off hours for an entire day could now be run in under 6 minutes.  While the ODA lacks the columnar compression and smart scan features of Oracle Exadata, it was still able to improve performance of key business processes and queries by over seven times.  With ODA’s optimized CPU settings, kernel adjustments, and solid-state drive (SSD) cache, they have the potential to save even more money by consolidating its second database instance to a single Oracle database instance on the appliance.  The time savings has also been critical as the ODA has allowed them to reduce several months of planning down to two weeks.


While large enterprises have the ability to throw time and funds at the installation and customization of complex systems and employ large teams with specialized IT talents, small and mid-sized companies require a solution with high availability and functionality but at a more affordable price tag and with a more “out-of-the-box” experience.  Oracle’s Database delivers with easy installation and configuration as well as built in scalability to support them as they expand.  ODA’s ability to adds processing capabilities by turning on features as they are needed precluding costly hardware upgrades while offering automated “phone-home” support can provide the robust database solution that growing companies require at a fraction of the price, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

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