The Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack X3-2 has been created to facilitate the growth of an Oracle Exadata Database Machine X3 system.  This Exadata Storage Expansion Rack is compatible with the Exadata X3-2, Exdata X3-8 and the SPARC SuperCluster.  The use of this expansion rack allows databases to handle vast amounts of data, such as archive or historical information, archives and backups of Exadata Database data, images, documents and more.  If an Oracle Exadata Database needs to increase in size, then this storage expansion rack is the tool for the task.


The Exadata Storage Expansion Rack X3-2 is a part of the Oracle configured, tested and tuned Exadata Database X3 system.  Oracle has removed the time intensive process of putting a high performance system into action.  The team at Oracle has thoroughly tested all of the segments of the Exadata system, in order to make sure there are no hiccups or single point of failure issues with the system.  The Exadata Storage Expansion Rack is capable of increasing the bandwidth and storage retention of any Exadata Database or SPARC SuperCluster.  This expansion rack is available in a variety of sizes, such as quarter rack (containing 4 servers), half rack (containing 9 servers) and full rack (containing 18 servers).  It connects to the Exadata Database X3 system or SPARC SuperCluster by connecting with InfiniBand fabric.


The Exadata Storage Expansion Rack was designed with easy configuration in mind.  LUNs and mount points are not a part of the set up of this expansion rack by Oracle.  A few commands and the storage is set up online.  A hiccup free addition to database storage, like this expansion rack, allow for huge Exadata Database systems to keep on performing smoothly, yet at a higher level.  As the data which flows through a database increases, performance often slows down.  The Exadata Database X3 systems actually propel performance by relegating SQL heavy processes to the servers in the storage expansion rack.  The sifting and manipulating of data then happens immediately and side by side, over all of the storage servers as data is comprehended from disk.


The CPUs in the Exadata Storage Expansion Rack do not replace, but enhance the performance of the CPUs in the Oracle Exadata Database Machine.  In the same manner as the database expansions of the X3 system, the storage expansion rack can be run as part of a single database or a multiple database system.  As with all of the Oracle Exadata X3 system, Oracle support is there for hardware maintenance, software support and more.  The Oracle installers will insure a smooth upgrade in hardware and software, for a hiccup free acceleration of Exadata Database performance levels.  Exadata pricing becomes more affordable thanks to the size options with the Exadata X3 system.  A database does not have to start out at top dollar in order to perform as needed.  Thanks to the Oracle Exadata X3 system, the database and storage are able to grow as the data needs increase.