The Oracle Exadata Database Machine X3-2 is the prime solution for a database which may need to start smaller and then grow overtime.  The full rack Exadata X3-2 provides enough performance to handle large-scale data applications, yet this Exadata offers the more cost effective and practical option of starting with just and eighth rack system.  Not only that, there is even the option to expand beyond the full rack system, if database needs increase to massive proportions.


The full rack Oracle Exadata X3-2 offers 14 storage servers and 8 database servers, while the eight rack brings 3 storage servers and 2 database servers to the table.  There are also quarter and half rack systems available within the Exadata X3-2 database system.  As with the whole of the Exadata X3 system, the Exdata X3-2 cuts down on database storage space (by 10 times), while increasing the running of data applications (also by 10 times).  This database can be put in place by Exadata installers, without having to throw out existing Oracle applications or assets.  It also reduces the costs of storage increases productivity by gathering together all tasks and putting them on a shared extension.


The Oracle Exadata X3-2 speeds up all data applications and query time through the use of its Flash Cache system.  Instead of putting the majority of data on disc drives, as have databases of the past, the Exadata X3-2 places the most used information in flash memory and RAM memory.  At the same time, it makes sure that the lesser used data is more economically stored of disc drives.  What is so practical about the Exadata Database X3-2 is that this performance level can be purchased in preferred amounts and then upgraded as database needs increase.


Exadata support is available from the installation process and for the life of the Exadata system, if so needed.  24 hours a day/ 7 days a week, hardware maintenance and system monitoring are but a part of the offerings from Exadata support.  Making sure that the Exadata X3-2 is integrated without hiccups is as simple as installation and a few commands, to a technician in the know.  Each upgrade will be as smooth as the previous one, with the InfiniBand connections, which are used to either expand within a rack or connect one rack to another.  Oracle Exadata X3-2 makes it possible for almost any size of database requirement to be handled with ease.


With the Oracle Exadata Database Machine X3-2, a mid-sized business can more rapidly expand to a large-scale business.  The Exadata X3-2 allows lower starting costs by offering the right size database, which also performs 10 times faster than previous database systems and saves money through increase in productivity, while decreasing storage space and costs.  This means there will be less issues with data applications to get in the way of actually doing business.  Then as the business expands and database needs grow with it, the Oracle Exadata X3-2 can be expanded alongside it.