The Oracle Exadata Database Machine X3-8 is the latest, largest database solution from Oracle, for big data requirements.  This full rack Exadata machine is able to significantly increase the performance of all applications, while lessening the storage needs for the database.  It can deal with OLTP, Data Warehousing and a block of blended applications.


Due to its upwardly flexible structure, it can handle any large-scale application of data.  The Exadata X3-8 is made up of 14 storage servers, two 8-socket database servers, over 22 terabytes of flash cache and InfiniBand switches, which are equipped with 40 gigabytes of bandwith.  The flexibility enters when if all of that power and storage is  unable to handle the situation, the Oracle Exadata X3-8 can be expanded, through the use of InfiniBand fabric, to easily take care of gargantuan piles of information.  This larger formation can be used to run as one network or as a separated configuration of several databases.  So, this really is the set up for most any massive database scenario.


Not only that, upgrading to the Exadata X3 system does not mean throwing out Oracle applications and assets already in use.  Using the Exadata X3-8 means all existing applications will run a minimum of 10 times faster, yet there is a 10 times shrinkage in storage needs.  Initially, Exadata pricing may make some shy away, but in the long run having the Exadata X3-8 will save money.  It gathers together tasks and puts them on the same extension.  The Exadata system also places the much used and needed data on the flash cache and RAM memory, while automatically storing less used information on disc drives.  This increases productivity through faster access of the most pertinent data.


Expansion of the X3-8 for even larger database needs will be a smooth process, with no hangups or single point of failure issues.  If desired, Exadata support will be there from the beginning throughout the life of the Exadata, should assistance be needed with any issues.  This includes hardware service and monitoring of the system.  This support also entails Exadata installers, who will make sure that any version of the Oracle Exadata X3-8 system will be properly put in place and that existing Oracle applications and resources are integrated, without hiccups.


Query performance is improved on at least two fronts through two different methods, which are Smart Scan and Smart Flash Cache.  The Oracle Database 11g gives top notch security in the industry.  Storage costs are reduced through the size trim down of archive and data warehousing tables.  The Oracle Exadata Database Machine X3-8 is prime for almost any large-scale database task.  Backups, imagery, archive data, historical information, documents and more can be handled with this powerhouse of a database system.  From the leaders in the database industry, Oracle has stepped up production and protection, while reducing storage and potential hitches.  With the Oracle Exadata X3-8, even huge database needs can be catered to.  Easy expansion and cost cutting solutions, make the Exadata X3 systems the right call for the database requirements of today.