Software Asset Management Tools

Pebble IT Software Asset Management systems can assist in managing and optimising the purchase, deployment, maintenance and utilisation of software applications throughout your organisation.

Our integrated software solution can provide the following benefits:

  • Reduce software and support costs
  • Eliminate wastage of under-utilised software resources
  • Improve and simplify the acquisition, deployment, useage and retirement of software assets

Our simple and easy to use software asset management tool will enable superior management of your software investment. For many organisations, the goal of implementing a SAM process is very tactical in nature, focused specifically on balancing the number of software licenses purchased with the number of actual copies installed. In doing so, organisations can minimise liabilities associated with an audit by Oracle for instance.

Pebble IT is dedicated in helping our customers as best as possible to achieve a systematic approach to managing their licensing through SAM processes. We can supply either a versatile, customisable standalone process and database, or an online service, which provides reporting and statistical analysis on a customer’s  license footprint to enable true SAM Management capabilities.

Affordable and simple to use, our SAM system avoids complicated and difficult installation processes and relies on intuitive reports and easy to enter information to enable a customer to maximise control over their license set.

  • Record Enterprise architecture, processors, cores etc.
  • Produce instant reports.
  • Record all license and renewal information in one place.
  • Reduce software/support costs by negotiating volume contract agreements.
  • Eliminate or reallocate under-utilised software licenses.
  • Enforce compliance with desktop standards and corporate security policies.
  • Improve worker productivity.
  • Limit overhead associated with managing and supporting software.
  • Standard and customised reports can be tailored to your requirements.
  • Portable with a small footprint, easy to use, secure online portal
  • Manage and strategically analyse your license footprint.
  • Consolidate and enable your ongoing strategic development.
  • Limit overhead associated with managing and supporting software by streamlining IT processes (such as inventory tracking, software deployment, issue tracking, and patch management.
  • Establish ongoing policies and procedures surrounding the acquisition, documentation, deployment, usage and retirement of software with the goal of recognising long-term benefits of SAM.

Help reduce Opex and Capex expenses by understanding where excess licenses are being used and redeploy them. Gain an understanding of where the gaps in your licenses are appearing and tackle these issues before they become major problems.

Software Asset Management Tools

Simple to use, customisable and easy to deploy at low cost. Why wouldn’t you engage Pebble IT’s SAM Expertise?